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What are the most popular temp and staffing agencies in Switzerland? jobRank answers this question by publishing the 2023 Ranking of Swiss Temp and Staffing Agencies.

Swiss Temp and Staffing Agencies, also known as Temporary Employment Agencies or Staffing Firms, are organizations that connect businesses with temporary, part-time, or full-time workers to meet their short-term or long-term flexible staffing needs. These agencies act as intermediaries between job seekers and employers, providing a range of employment solutions tailored to the specific requirements of both parties. Feel free to submit missing temp and staffing agencies located or covering Switzerland.

jobRank aims to provide a League Table of the top Swiss temp and staffing agencies based on valid, unbiased and non-influenceable web metrics provided by independent web intelligence sources.

2023 Swiss Temp and Staffing Agencies Ranking

# Temp & Staffing Agencies
1 Adecco Switzerland Adecco Switzerland
2 Manpower Switzerland Manpower Switzerland
3 Randstad Switzerland Randstad Switzerland
4 Kelly Services Switzerland Kelly Services Switzerland
5 Robert Half Switzerland Robert Half Switzerland
6 PKS Personal PKS Personal
7 Interima Interima
8 IPT intégration pour tous IPT intégration pour tous
9 Academic Work Switzerland Academic Work Switzerland
10 Serado Serado
11 personalberatung das team personalberatung das team
12 oprandi & partner oprandi & partner
13 OK Job OK Job
14 Valjob Valjob
15 Multi Personnel Services Multi Personnel Services
16 Hotelis Hotelis
17 Job 4 You Job 4 You
18 One Placement One Placement
19 Steinerjobs Steinerjobs
20 Elan IT Switzerland Elan IT Switzerland
21 SBK Sektion Bern SBK Sektion Bern
22 Planova Human Capital Planova Human Capital
23 Work Selection Work Selection
24 Nellen & Partner Nellen & Partner
25 Medicalis Medicalis
26 Personal Contact Group Personal Contact Group
27 Joker Personal Joker Personal
28 progress personal progress personal
29 CRIT Suisse CRIT Suisse
30 Permed Permed
31 Synergie Switzerland Synergie Switzerland
32 Induserv Industrial Services Induserv Industrial Services
33 IPS Individuelle Personal Service IPS Individuelle Personal Service
34 Hans Leutenegger Hans Leutenegger
35 work-shop Personal work-shop Personal
36 Swiss Interim TTF Swiss Interim TTF
37 Bellini Personal Bellini Personal
38 Bautech Personal Bautech Personal
39 BM-Emploi BM-Emploi
40 Express Personal Express Personal
41 RM Group AG RM Group AG
42 Accès Personnel Accès Personnel
43 SB Personalberatung SB Personalberatung
44 Data Conversion Service Data Conversion Service
45 Max Studer Interim Max Studer Interim
46 bm personal bm personal
47 ELAN Personal ELAN Personal
48 Medici & Sprecher Medici & Sprecher
49 Performance Consultant Performance Consultant
50 Carejob Carejob
51 Impuls-Line Impuls-Line
52 Wigumar Wigumar
53 Sofitex Switzerland Sofitex Switzerland
54 Protempore Protempore
55 Drehpunkt Personal Drehpunkt Personal
56 Moreno Placements Moreno Placements
57 Trabeco Trabeco
58 Job Solution Job Solution
59 Job Contact Job Contact
60 Atimo Ressources Humaines Atimo Ressources Humaines
61 Alec, Allan & Associés Alec, Allan & Associés
62 Maffioli Emplois et Cie Maffioli Emplois et Cie
63 Profinter Profinter
64 Inside Personaldienstleistungs Inside Personaldienstleistungs
65 Regio Personal Regio Personal
66 Bossinterim Bossinterim
67 Alpin Personalmanagement Alpin Personalmanagement
68 TempoX Personaldienstleistungen TempoX Personaldienstleistungen
69 beeworX beeworX
70 ALAG Personalberatung ALAG Personalberatung
71 L'emploi du temps L'emploi du temps
72 InJob Personal InJob Personal
73 Activa Personnel Activa Personnel
74 Batijob Batijob
75 Personal Search Personal Search
76 ABECE Temporär ABECE Temporär
77 Jobconnector Jobconnector
78 A plan Industriemontagen A plan Industriemontagen
79 Unique Ressources Humaines Unique Ressources Humaines
80 Man Emploi Man Emploi
81 jobgate jobgate
82 Global Human Resources Global Human Resources
83 Asanti Asanti
84 PAK Personal PAK Personal
85 ZH-Akkord Personal ZH-Akkord Personal
86 Call4Job Call4Job
87 AHA Personal AHA Personal
88 Der Leader Personal Der Leader Personal
Un KV Basel KV Basel
90 Suggest a new/missing temp and staffing agency in Switzerland
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