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rankings and reviews of worldwide top job sites is an international employment directory and search engine selecting, ranking and reviewing worldwide top job sites. (formerly includes more than 9,500 career resources in 200 countries and is a free starting point to find the best job sites in every country.


Mission mission is to help answer the following questions:

  1. What are the top job sites and most popular career resources in the world? selects, ranks and reviews only the best employment sites and career resources in the world. Our goal is quality, not quantity. For this reason we do not include all job sites submitted or establish partnerships that might undermine our scope, mission and independence.

  3. What information, features or services do they provide? shows - by adopting user friendly icons - what information, features and services are provided by job sites:

    Career counseling or information (i.e. articles, guides)


    Job agent / alert service which automatically send jobs matching one's profile by email


    Telework / telecommute jobs or information (i.e. articles, guides)


    Intenship/traineeship opportunities or information (i.e. articles, guides)


    Government job opportunities or information (i.e. articles, guides)


    Temporary / contract jobs or information (i.e. articles, guides)


    Seasonal / volunteering jobs or information (i.e. articles, guides)


    CV/Resume services or information (i.e. articles, guides)


    Salary/compensation services or information (i.e. articles, guides, tools)


    Relocation or immigration services or information (i.e. articles, guides)


    Outsourcing services or information (i.e. articles, guides)


    Retention services or information (i.e. articles, guides)


    Outplacement services or information (i.e. articles, guides)

  5. What CV/JOB search and posting services do they provide and are they free of charge or fee-based? shows you whether the following services...

    Job seekers
    Job search
    CV posting

    are free, fee-based or not available.

    CV search
    Job posting


Geographical Classification

We adopt the United Nations geographical classification as shown in the document "Classification of countries by major area and region of the world" published by the Population Division of the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. For this reason countries like Turkey and Cyprus are included in the Asian geographical area even if, politically speaking, they might better fit under the European one.


Job Sites Ranking Methodology

Job sites are ranked by our exclusive Jobsite Web Ranking. The ranking has been published since 2004. Since then the ranking methodology has been periodically fine-tuned in order to provide better results.
The current ranking is based upon an algorithm including four unbiased and independent web metrics extracted from three different search engines: Web metrics data are collected on the same week to minimize temporal fluctuations and maximize comparibility. A pre-computational filter is adopted to detect outliers in the raw data. Further investigation and a review of Alexa Traffic Rank data is carried out for universities adopting a subdomain (highly not recommended) as their official institutional home page.
Once filtered (outliers) and reviewed (subdomains), web metrics data are normalised to a scale of 0 to 100 taking into consideration the logarithmic nature in which both the Google Page Rank and the Alexa Traffic Rank are expressed. The four normalised values are aggregated based on a weighted average algorithm which generates the final score and web ranking.
The exact formula adopted to aggregate the four web metrics is not disclosed for copyright reasons and to minimise attempts of manipulation from job site webmasters in order to achieve better rankings. The same philosophy is adopted by Google with regards to their search engine ranking algorithm.



The aim of this website is to provide an approximate popularity ranking of world job sites based upon the popularity of their websites. This is intended to help international job seekers and employers/recruiters to understand how popular a specific job site is in a foreign country. We do not claim - by any means - to rank organisations and their websites, by the quality or level of services provided.


Information updates

Data and information are added or updated on a monthly basis. The Jobsite Web Ranking is updated once a year in January.
A special thanks goes to all employment sites that are participating in this project and help us maintain our database up-to-date.





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