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What are the most popular temp and staffing agencies in the Netherlands? jobRank answers this question by publishing the 2023 Ranking of Dutch Temp and Staffing Agencies.

Dutch Temp and Staffing Agencies, also known as Temporary Employment Agencies or Staffing Firms, are organizations that connect businesses with temporary, part-time, or full-time workers to meet their short-term or long-term flexible staffing needs. These agencies act as intermediaries between job seekers and employers, providing a range of employment solutions tailored to the specific requirements of both parties. Feel free to submit missing temp and staffing agencies located or covering the Netherlands.

jobRank aims to provide a League Table of the top Dutch temp and staffing agencies based on valid, unbiased and non-influenceable web metrics provided by independent web intelligence sources.

2023 Dutch Temp and Staffing Agencies Ranking

# Temp & Staffing Agencies
1 Randstad Netherlands Randstad Netherlands
2 Tempo-Team Tempo-Team
3 Unique Netherlands Unique Netherlands
4 Start People Start People
5 Adecco Netherlands Adecco Netherlands
6 Timing Uitzendteam Timing Uitzendteam
7 Luba Uitzendbureau Luba Uitzendbureau
8 Manpower Netherlands Manpower Netherlands
9 Olympia Olympia
10 Driessen Driessen
11 Consolid Personeelsdiensten Consolid Personeelsdiensten
12 HighCare HighCare
14 Buro De Werkstudent Buro De Werkstudent
15 Secretary Plus Netherlands Secretary Plus Netherlands
16 Robert Half Netherlands Robert Half Netherlands
17 N2 People N2 People
18 Hobij International Work Force Hobij International Work Force
19 Kelly Services Netherlands Kelly Services Netherlands
20 RGF Staffing RGF Staffing
21 Covebo NL Covebo NL
22 Bouwselect Bouwselect
23 Easyworx Easyworx
24 Exact personeelsintermediair Exact personeelsintermediair
25 Euro Planit Euro Planit
27 Raaak Personeel Raaak Personeel
28 AB Werkt AB Werkt
30 Abiant Personeelsdiensten Abiant Personeelsdiensten
31 Experis Netherlands Experis Netherlands
32 Wiertz Personeelsdiensten Wiertz Personeelsdiensten
33 Happy Nurse Happy Nurse
34 AB Service Zuid-Holland AB Service Zuid-Holland
35 Walters People Netherlands Walters People Netherlands
36 Pay for People Pay for People
37 Werk en Vakmanschap Werk en Vakmanschap
38 Nedflex Nedflex
39 Page Interim Page Interim
40 AB Midden Netherlands AB Midden Netherlands
41 AB-AZ Vervoersregie AB-AZ Vervoersregie
42 Coulant Interim Coulant Interim
43 Cirrus Flexible Staffing Cirrus Flexible Staffing
44 Projob Projob
45 Maintec International Maintec International
46 Tech Sharks Projecten Tech Sharks Projecten
47 Wiver Logistiek Wiver Logistiek
48 OTTO Work Force OTTO Work Force
49 PD techflex PD techflex
50 Inclusief Groep Inclusief Groep
51 INNAX Personeelsvoorziening INNAX Personeelsvoorziening
52 Faber Personeelsdiensten Faber Personeelsdiensten
53 24/7 drive 24/7 drive
54 Exotic Green Exotic Green
55 Jupiter Jupiter
56 E&A Uitzendbureau E&A Uitzendbureau
57 Devocare Devocare
58 Rvaring Rvaring
59 P & M Zaandam P & M Zaandam
60 APS Personeelservices APS Personeelservices
61 Synergie Netherlands Synergie Netherlands
62 Herenbos Herenbos
63 Matchpoint Banen Matchpoint Banen
64 Upforce Upforce
65 Impact Personeel Impact Personeel
66 Blue Groep Blue Groep
67 Omring Omring
68 Aquent Netherlands Aquent Netherlands
69 Maxflex Maxflex
70 Flexspecialisten Flexspecialisten
71 W&S Logistiek W&S Logistiek
72 ImpressiveGreenApple ImpressiveGreenApple
73 No Brothers No Brothers
74 Larex Personeelsbemiddeling Larex Personeelsbemiddeling
75 abflexkracht abflexkracht
76 Stadion Uitzenden Stadion Uitzenden
77 Fides Personeelsdiensten Fides Personeelsdiensten
78 Careflex Careflex
79 Kroek & Partners interim jeugdzorg Kroek & Partners interim jeugdzorg
80 De Flexwinkel De Flexwinkel
81 NestrX NestrX
82 Job Vision Job Vision
83 Invite Jobs Invite Jobs
84 Acsens Acsens
85 Fooqus HR Support Fooqus HR Support
86 Want 2 work Want 2 work
87 Interteach Interteach
88 ICE Agency ICE Agency
89 Redwise Detachering & Personeel Oplossingen Redwise Detachering & Personeel Oplossingen
90 Multimax Multimax
Un SD Worx Jobs Netherlands SD Worx Jobs Netherlands
92 Suggest a new/missing temp and staffing agency in the Netherlands
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