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What are the most popular job sites in Korea? jobRank answers this question by publishing rankings and reviews of the top Korean job sites all together or classified according to the following 8 job site categories:

  1. Job Boards & Banks
  2. Niche Job Boards & Banks
  3. Job Search Engines & Aggregators
  4. Recruiters & Headhunters
  5. Temp & Staffing Agencies
  6. Au pair & Nanny Agencies
  7. Labor Institutions & Organizations
  8. Other Employment & Job Sites

Korean Job Sites

A) All Korean Job Sites

jobRank publishes the 2023 ranking of all top job sites in Korea.

B) Korean Job Sites by Category

jobRank publishes the 2023 sub-ranking of the top job sites in Korea classified according to one of the following 8 jobRank categories.

  1. Korean Job Boards & Banks Korean Job Boards & Banks

  2. Korean job boards, often referred to as job banks, are online platforms that display a wide range of Korean job vacancies and resumes (CVs) across diverse industries, professions, levels of work experience and occupational categories. These platforms typically offer complimentary job search and resume posting services for job seekers, while also providing fee-based options for employers and recruiters, such as job posting and resume search capabilities.

  3. Korean Niche Job Boards & Banks Korean Niche Job Boards & Banks

  4. Korean niche job boards, alternatively known as targeted job boards or specialty job banks, are online platforms dedicated to showcasing Korean job openings and resumes (CVs) exclusively within specific industries, professions, levels of work experience or occupational categories that align with their specialized focus and niche. These platforms typically extend complimentary services like job search and resume posting for job seekers, while also offering fee-based options such as job posting and resume search features for employers and recruiters.

  5. Korean Job Search Engines & Aggregators Korean Job Search Engines & Aggregators

  6. Korean job search engines and aggregators are online platforms that gather and consolidate job listings from various sources across the internet. These platforms provide users, primarily job seekers, with a centralized location to search for job openings from different Korean job boards, company websites and additional sources. Job search engines use advanced algorithms to index and categorize job postings, making it easier for users to refine their search based on criteria such as location, industry, job title and more.

  7. Korean Recruiters & Headhunters Korean Recruiters & Headhunters

  8. Korean Recruiters are agencies or firms that employers engage to promote job openings and, on their behalf, locate the most suitable candidate for a given position in Korea. Conversely, Korean head hunters are skilled professionals tasked with proactively searching for and pinpointing experienced candidates, typically for specific senior-level or executive roles. Both recruiters and head hunters frequently often focus on specific industries, professional spheres or occupational sectors. These experts often extend supplementary services like outplacement, outsourcing, retention strategies, consulting and interim management, in addition to their core recruitment responsibilities.

  9. Korean Temp & Staffing Agencies Korean Temp & Staffing Agencies

  10. Korean temp and staffing agencies, also known as temporary employment agencies or staffing firms, are organizations that connect businesses with temporary, part-time or full-time workers to meet their short-term or long-term flexible staffing needs. These agencies act as intermediaries between job seekers and employers in Korea, providing a range of employment solutions tailored to the specific requirements of both parties.

  11. Korean Au pair & Nanny AgenciesKorean Au pair & Nanny Agencies

  12. Korean au-pair and nanny agencies are organizations that facilitate the placement of Korean or foreigner childcare providers, such as au pairs and nannies, with families seeking assistance in caring for their children in Korea or abroad. These agencies act as intermediaries, matching qualified Korean or international childcare providers with families based on specific criteria and preferences. The primary goal of these agencies is to ensure a suitable and safe environment for children while providing job opportunities for individuals interested in short-term or long-term childcare careers in Korea or abroad.

  13. Korean Labor Institutions & Organizations Korean Labor Institutions & Organizations

  14. Korean labour institutions and organizations are entities established to address labor-related issues, advocate and promote workers' rights and ensure fair working conditions in Korea. These include Korean Ministries or Departments of Labour, Trade Unions, Employment Standards Agencies, Labor Research Institutes etc.

  15. Other Korean Employment & Job Sites Other Korean Employment & Job Sites

  16. Other Korean employment and job sites refer to a miscellaneous category of online platforms in Korea that offer job listings or employment-related resources beyond the scope of traditional job boards, niche job boards, job search engines, recruiters, headhunters and additional core categories adopted by jobRank. Examples are Resume services and Salary websites, Korean Recruiters Associations, Labour and Employment Publications etc.

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