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What are the most popular temp and staffing agencies in France? jobRank answers this question by publishing the 2023 Ranking of French Temp and Staffing Agencies.

French Temp and Staffing Agencies, also known as Temporary Employment Agencies or Staffing Firms, are organizations that connect businesses with temporary, part-time, or full-time workers to meet their short-term or long-term flexible staffing needs. These agencies act as intermediaries between job seekers and employers, providing a range of employment solutions tailored to the specific requirements of both parties. Feel free to submit missing temp and staffing agencies located or covering France.

jobRank aims to provide a League Table of the top French temp and staffing agencies based on valid, unbiased and non-influenceable web metrics provided by independent web intelligence sources.

2023 French Temp and Staffing Agencies Ranking

# Temp & Staffing Agencies
1 Adecco France Adecco France
2 Manpower France Manpower France
3 Randstad France Randstad France
4 Morgan Philips Group Morgan Philips Group
5 Synergie France Synergie France
6 Expectra Expectra
7 Robert Half France Robert Half France
8 Page Personnel Page Personnel
9 Proman Proman
10 L'Appel Medical L'Appel Medical
12 Start People France Start People France
13 Groupe Actual Groupe Actual
14 Kelly Services France Kelly Services France
15 Leader Intérim Leader Intérim
16 Samsic Intérim Samsic Intérim
17 Groupe Partnaire Groupe Partnaire
18 Supplay Supplay
19 Triangle Intérim Triangle Intérim
20 Ergalis Ergalis
21 Charrette Service Charrette Service
23 Groupe Menway Groupe Menway
24 Domino RH Domino RH
25 Adequat Adequat
26 Intérim Nation Intérim Nation
27 Walters People France Walters People France
28 Fed Finance Fed Finance
29 EVS Intérim EVS Intérim
30 Abalone Abalone
31 Groupe LIP Groupe LIP
32 Aquent France Aquent France
33 Polygone Polygone
34 Groupe DLSI Groupe DLSI
35 Excelliance Excelliance
36 Riverchelles Riverchelles
37 Aile Medicale Aile Medicale
38 Gezim Intérim Gezim Intérim
39 Isa Developpement Isa Developpement
40 Wolf Intérim Wolf Intérim
41 Nim Europe Nim Europe
43 Kobal TT Kobal TT
44 Gitec Travail Temporaire Gitec Travail Temporaire
45 Breizh Intérim Breizh Intérim
46 Derichebourg Interim & Recrutement Derichebourg Interim & Recrutement
47 Eliness Eliness
48 Jobberry Intérim Jobberry Intérim
49 Connectt Travail Temporaire Connectt Travail Temporaire
50 Jubil TT Jubil TT
51 Optineris Optineris
52 Interima Interima
53 SOS Intérim SOS Intérim
54 Groupe Sup Intérim Groupe Sup Intérim
55 Sovitrat Sovitrat
56 Agri Team Agri Team
57 Oxygène Intérim Oxygène Intérim
58 Job&Box Job&Box
59 Missions Intérim Missions Intérim
60 Mastempo Mastempo
61 Axentia Carelec Axentia Carelec
62 Job Link Job Link
63 3S Santé 3S Santé
64 Laser Emploi Laser Emploi
65 Acti'V Emploi Acti'V Emploi
66 Gerinter Gerinter
68 Transicia Transicia
69 Servagroupe Servagroupe
70 Epitech Epitech
72 Crescendo Crescendo
73 Dynamis Intérim Dynamis Intérim
74 37 Intérim 37 Intérim
75 Job Center Job Center
76 Progressis Progressis
77 Work 2000 Work 2000
78 Sintel France Sintel France
79 Ltd International Ltd International
80 ACE Travail Temporaire ACE Travail Temporaire
81 Solano Solano
82 Aderim TT Aderim TT
83 Geny Intérim Geny Intérim
84 Tridentt Tridentt
85 Eureka Eureka
86 SIM Travail Temporaire SIM Travail Temporaire
87 Expert & Manager Expert & Manager
88 Groupe Estime Groupe Estime
89 Regitra Regitra
90 Groupe Icare Groupe Icare
91 Bird Intérim Bird Intérim
92 Ab2Pro Ab2Pro
93 Trade Solutions Trade Solutions
94 Etre Emploi Etre Emploi
96 Emploi Accompagnement Emploi Accompagnement
97 Modelor Modelor
98 La Maison de l'Intérim La Maison de l'Intérim
99 DPS Intérim DPS Intérim
101 Planete Intérim Planete Intérim
102 Service Intérim Service Intérim
103 Green Intérim Green Intérim
104 Adequat Solutions Rh Adequat Solutions Rh
105 Transinter Transinter
106 L'Equipe RH L'Equipe RH
107 KSI Mode et Luxe KSI Mode et Luxe
108 Pi Intérim Pi Intérim
109 D2Lgroup D2Lgroup
110 Activ 88 Activ 88
111 Medical 77 Medical 77
112 Inserim Inserim
114 Personal Job Personal Job
115 Idea Service Idea Service
116 Toutechniciens Intérim Toutechniciens Intérim
117 Globe Intérim Globe Intérim
118 Profilia Profilia
119 Intérim Intérim
120 Speed Intérim Speed Intérim
121 Exos Exos
122 R2T R2T
123 Suggest a new/missing temp and staffing agency in France
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